Question: I would like to lead a spiritual life, and my husband would, too. But he doesn't know which path to follow, and this is causing a lot of confusion as far as he is concerned. How can we know which path we should follow, and who our Guru is?

Sri Chinmoy: It is fairly easy to know who your Guru is if you are destined to accept spiritual life and a Master. When you go to a shop, there are quite a few things available, and you make your choice. I am a spiritual Master, and there are quite a few other spiritual Masters available. You please visit them. You will find that you have a kind of inner affinity for one particular Master. You can vote inwardly for the Master who gives you the utmost joy, and then accept him as your Master. If you see three or four individuals, give them marks. The one who acquires the highest mark is bound to be your teacher. The marks depend on a kind of inner feeling which is established between the Master and the seeker. You are the only one who is in a position to judge the Masters. The Master who gives you immediate joy or boundless joy is destined to be your Master. It is very easy to know.