Question: Can you speak on the union of two souls?

Sri Chinmoy: The union of two individuals can take place in the higher regions of consciousness or in the ordinary world when marriage takes place. In ordinary marriage, the partners consciously make themselves feel that they are one. But in divine marriage, the souls are united in the highest plane of consciousness. At the time of the soul’s union, however, the two souls may not yet have convinced the vital, the physical and the mind of the two individuals that they want to grow together. So when the divine union, the souls’ union, is established, time reveals this union.

The union of two embodied souls is most effective when both of them are aspiring for the highest Light. If one is aspiring for the highest Light and the other is not, then the union of these two souls can never be successful. In the case of two aspirants it is most important for them to realise that their union exists only for the fulfilment of the Divine Will. If one partner sees that the other has many good qualities and feels that he should be able to claim all these divine qualities all for himself, then he is mistaken. It is true that when two divine souls become one, either in the inner world or in the outer world, they automatically possess each other. But for what purpose? Not for their own sake, but for the sake of the Supreme. Each one has two hands. When they become one, they have four hands and now, with four hands, naturally they will do more work for the Divine.

So the divine union of two souls implies that they exist wholly for the Supreme. They are united solely because they wish to fulfil the Divine, the Supreme, in His own Way. They are one because the Supreme wants them to be one and not because of their own desires. If two individual souls want to be together just because they love each other, this is called human love, vital love, and this love does not last. But if two souls want to be united because they feel that the Supreme, the Divine within them wants them to be one with each other in and through Him, then they will have abundant inspiration to fulfil the Divine in His masculine and feminine aspects. These two souls have to feel that they have become one only to fulfil the Mission of the Supreme. That is the real purpose of the union of divine souls.