Question: Is our soul like an infinitesimal particle of dust which after many lifetimes returns to the Supreme and becomes a part of Him?

Sri Chinmoy: First of all, our soul is not like dust. Our soul has infinite potentiality and this infinite potentiality has to be manifested here on earth. The soul came from the Supreme to manifest Him. The more the soul manifests Truth or Divinity, the greater the achievement both for the soul and for the Supreme. Each soul is a representative of the Supreme and the souls that are conscious of this truth make faster progress than the souls that are not. Each time the soul comes into the manifestation it gains considerable experience; and when it goes back to the soul’s region after each incarnation it takes with it the essence of all its experiences. On its way back it leaves aside the vital, mental and psychic sheaths. After a few years the soul wants to come back again into the manifestation. At that time it selects a particular family or environment and then goes to the Supreme for an interview. The soul gets either the sanction or the disapproval of the Supreme. If the Supreme does not approve, then the soul has to make another selection.

It is absolutely true that the soul came from the Supreme and ultimately it will go back to the Supreme. But until the full manifestation of the Supreme has taken place in a particular soul, that is to say, until the soul has fully realised its true Self, it will reincarnate again and again. Once the soul has achieved realisation and at last manifested the Divine, it will finally return to the Supreme. There will no longer be any necessity for the soul to come back to earth for manifestation.