Question: Apart from giving you reports or telling you important things, do the souls of your disciples ever come to you just out of joy or gratitude?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, they come when there is sad news or good news and at other times they come out of joy and gratitude. Sometimes the soul cannot visit me because the disciple’s vital is not receptive. The vital may not receive my blessing at the time I offer it. But after two hours or so, the soul is successful in assimilating light in the vital.

A few days ago, a disciple fell very sick. She had a very high fever and was delirious. I blessed her once, but she was in another world. Then after five or six minutes I blessed her again. At that time I put a very strong force on her. Her soul and heart received it immediately, but her mind and vital were in another world and were not receiving my light. The soul was trying so hard, but the mind and the vital were not receptive, even though the soul was full of devotion and gratitude. Later that night, the soul of the disciple came to me and I meditated on her. Her soul felt miserable because the physical was not grateful. The soul was like a mother who is miserable because her child has not expressed gratitude for a gift he received from someone. But I felt that as long as the soul received light, my spiritual daughter would be all right and I would be happy. Why does the human parent or the spiritual parent need gratitude from the daughter? I felt that if she did not suffer the following morning, if I could hear from her that she was all right, then that would be more than enough for me.

The next morning when I was meditating on the disciple, this soul came to me and at last the physical, vital, mind and heart received what I offered and were full of devotion, gratitude and surrender. The soul had convinced the physical, vital and mind that they were wrong before. The soul at that time became the lord.