Question: Why am I sometimes attacked by feelings of aggression?

Sri Chinmoy: In your case aggression is not inside you. These forces are attacking you from outside. You have only to bring down more peace into your system. Aggression comes usually when an individual feels that he knows the truth and that others are not accepting the truth. He wants to correct the world and mould the world in his own way, but the world may not accept his light or the world may feel that he has no light.

You know the truth in one way, and if others are not accepting your light the way you want to give it, then immediately an aggressive quality comes forward in you. But you have to feel that if you want something from life, your way of achieving it may not always be the correct way. And even if your way is the correct way, let us say, why should everybody accept your way? Nobody on earth is indispensable except God. That is the best wisdom, the highest wisdom. If you leave the body, if I leave the body, if he, she or anybody leaves the body, still God’s creation will continue. This means that I am not indispensable, you are not indispensable, nobody is indispensable. If you look at the world in that way, then you will have peace of mind.

Sometimes we expect something from the world and because we have light, we feel that our expectation is legitimate: “I have done so much for the world, I am showing the light. I am not giving the world darkness, I am giving it light. How is it that the world is not taking it?” But we have to know that others may not be ready for the light. In this case, we have to be humble. “If he does not accept this light that I have, then he is not going to die. At the same time, by giving this light to him, I am not doing anything extremely great or good. If Mother Earth does not receive this light from me, then Mother Earth will not be totally bankrupt or poverty-stricken.”

You will say, “I wanted to give and it was God’s wish, but this person is not accepting my light. So now I have to make myself feel that I am not indispensable. When the Hour strikes, God Himself will either give Light directly to this person or perhaps some other time this person will take help from me.”

Only through devoted, unconditional surrender can we please the Supreme, the Highest Absolute. When we offer Him our constant unconditional surrender, at that time only do we become indispensable in His Eye.

So if we minimise or diminish our self-importance totally, then we will have peace of mind. And when we have peace of mind, there can be no aggression. Aggressive forces will not be able to enter into us from outside, and the aggressive forces which we already have within us will be illumined through compassion, concern and the feeling of oneness.