Question: Do disciples suffer when they get undivine forces from other disciples?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, if you get undivine forces from somebody, you will suffer. If you keep your door open and someone comes in and damages your room, you will suffer. Again, you can also cause damage to others.

The disciples fight like anything. Sometimes when I am meditating, I see how the disciples are fighting in the vital world. Many times I see boys fighting with boys, girls fighting with girls and boys and girls fighting like cats and dogs. Sometimes, to my wide astonishment, the boys are badly defeated by the girls. These are not fabrications; it is absolutely true.

You begin with anger, and you harbour it for a few hours. Then it will happen that during your sleep, unconsciously you will attack someone. At that time, I am like a very old grandfather. I don’t know which side to take. I tell you people, “Strike me, then your anger will be over.” I am the right person to take your undivine forces. I am the universal garbage can where you should throw your anger. But some of you don’t listen. The day before yesterday, I saw that kind of fight. Sometimes it starts with jealousy, sometimes it starts with insecurity, sometimes it starts with attachment, vital attachment. Then it becomes frustration. So, those are the main reasons why, in the inner world, terrible fights go on among the disciples.