Question: How can we conquer laziness and be more active, especially in the morning?

Sri Chinmoy: How can you be more active? Right now, let us deal with the most difficult thing. Early in the morning, try to get up at 5:30 and feel that if you run for five minutes or take some other exercise, this is as important as your meditation. If you feel that meditation is infinitely more important than your exercises, then you are wrong. Inside your physical exercise you will find the capacity and the necessity of your meditation. Always when you do something, feel that that very thing is really important in your life. True, meditation will take you to God-realisation whereas physical exercise will not take you to God-realisation. But that physical exercise will definitely help you energise your body. If your body is energised and you want to meditate, at that time you will have a very sound, deep and sublime meditation.

You have to give importance to the preliminary exercises. You have to do the first thing first. If you don't study in the kindergarten, then you can't get your Master's degree. Here also, in the spiritual life, if you take just a little exercise by stretching your legs and running, then automatically you will expand your capacity. Early in the morning for five minutes or ten minutes, take some exercise and feel that this is going to add to your meditation. Then laziness will disappear in the morning.