Part VII: Einstein's humour


Where is happiness? In the unmarried life? Most bachelors and spinsters are of the opinion that married people are happy. Again, married couples will be the first to declare that happiness can be found anywhere else, but not inside them. They feel that it is not even meant for them.

Love is not bad. It is divine. It can lift humanity high, higher, highest. But when it is misused, it is bound to descend along with those who are around it.

Whom do you love, how do you love and why do you love? If you can answer these questions properly and utilise the answers in your everyday life, then there can be no descent; there is only constant ascent. Otherwise, who can deny the undeniable gravitation-reality, especially in the consciousness-world, which is the soul-breath of God's creation?

Once Einstein received a letter which was full of misconceptions about physics. The writer understood that because of gravity a person is sometimes upright, sometimes upside down and sometimes at right angles to the earth. He asked Einstein if it was while they were standing on their heads that people fell in love and did other foolhardy things. Einstein did not reply, but he wrote on the letter: "Falling in love is not at all the most stupid thing that people do — but gravitation cannot be held responsible for it."