Disbelief is nothing short of poison. Therefore, it is better to believe and be deceived than not to believe at all. One may appear stupid, but this is better than succumbing to disbelief. Knowing perfectly the outcome, if one lives in the world of hope, one can never be devoured by frustration-dragon.

One day, when Einstein gave some money to a beggar, his wife said to him: “Albert, you have again given money to a man. I'm sure is a crook.”

Einstein replied, “I know. All the same, he must really be in need. One does not beg for the pleasure of it. And it is simpler to believe and be deceived occasionally than to live in a state of disbelief.”

Here the scientist illumines his wife’s mind and teaches something new to the world at large. When one gives, one must give unconditionally if one hopes to derive true joy and true benefit. There is no other way.