Purity and power

Have purity first; then only will you never be devoid of power.

Look at the miracle of a drop of venom and a drop of purity. The former poisons the blood in your veins. The latter purifies the human soul in your body.

Power is not necessarily purity, but purity is sheer power.

There is no one who can fly as high as a divine dispenser of power. There is no man who can ruin his heart as quickly as a misuser of power.

To have experiences without the strength of purification is like living in the most dangerous part of the forest. This does not mean that experience must always wait for complete purification. What is actually needed is a good understanding and a true relation between growing experience and growing purification.

Knowledge is a secret power. When you have won knowledge, power is bound to follow it.

Purity is the ceaseless shower of God’s omnipotent Grace on aspiring human souls.

Purity is the immediate gift from the universal Treasure-House to God’s hopeful children.

Sri Chinmoy, Eternity’s Breath.First published by Sri Chinmoy Lighthouse in 1972.

This is the 16th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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