Instead of being consumed with pride, he was a radiant example of spontaneous concern and affection. On the eve of his last Olympic competition in 1956, Zatopek came to Calcutta with his wife Dana to run in a five-kilometre race. He was then 35 years old. The Indian champion, Gulzara Singh, lost to the Czechoslovakian badly. And what was his reaction? Singh touched Zatopek's shoes and sprinkled dust from the Czechoslovakian's feet onto his head. Perhaps only an Indian could offer such adoration to a fellow runner. The immortal Zatopek, a five-medal Olympian, also did something to capture the very breath of the Indian runner. He made him a present of his running shoes.

The seeker-runner in Zatopek is aware of the supreme truth that admiration and adoration are not a sign of inferiority but two divine qualities which eventually bring tremendous satisfaction to all walks of life.