Another type of miracle

One day when Ranjana was tending to the birds, I said to her, "Ranjana, I have been to many, many pet shops, but most of the pet shops are nothing in comparison to the bird kingdom I have here at my house. I tell you, it is a miracle."

Then I told her, "This morning I performed miracle after miracle. Usually people die only once, then finished! They go to God. This morning I died not once, not twice, but three times at the two-mile race. Yet even then I am perfectly alive. Why? Because, one by one, three elderly women passed me. These three thinner than the thinnest and weaker than the weakest women have smashed my athletic pride mercilessly, if not consciously. So you see, I 'died' three times, but I am still alive. That is another type of miracle."

15 June 1981