I beg Sona to eat pizza

From time to time, I feed my dog Sona. Sometimes he will not eat, but when I feed him pizza, he will take the cheese from my hand in a very, very cute way.

Four or five days ago, I wanted to feed him, but Sona was too restless to eat. He was only barking. So I just looked at him and contacted his soul. There were ten or twelve disciples on my front porch and I said to them, “Now his soul has told him to eat and, believe it or not, he is going to eat!” Then, as soon as I gave him pizza, he started to eat it.

This dog, in front of so many people, obeyed me. Twenty times at least he ate. Sona did not want to eat at first, but when I asked his soul, the soul convinced the vital.

When I ask the soul of one of the disciples to do something, the soul desperately tries to relay the message to that disciple. But quite often the mind comes and blocks the message. The mind is so powerful! Most of the disciples have ‘wonderful’ minds, so they do not always listen to their souls.

It is very difficult for the soul to convince the human mind. It is also extremely difficult to convince the vital. How desperately the souls of the disciples try to convince their vitals if they are doing the wrong thing! But it does not always work.

In Sona’s case, the soul contacted the vital of the animal and convinced it so easily. The vital of a dog may be more willing to listen to the soul than the vital of a human being. In terms of evolution, man is far, far superior to the animals. But in terms of obedience, it is a different story. Human beings can be much more complicated!

31 January 1982