Question: Why are there more spiritual Masters in America today than there have been in previous years? Is it because there is a greater awareness of a spiritual need?

Sri Chinmoy: The human in us is very clever. The human in India or the human in America or the human in the West may say that some rogues in India wanted to become multi-millionaires overnight so they all came to America just for American wealth. True, there are some people who say they can give realisation overnight, like the instant coffee, if we give them thousands of dollars.

But let us be serious. This is not my world, this is not your world; this is not the world of any individual. This is God's world. We are all God's children. If God, our Almighty Father, asks a few individuals to share with others the peace, light and bliss that they have received and achieved, then these individuals will do so.

I was brought up in a spiritual community, an ashram. I was there for twenty years, right from my childhood. My brothers and sisters were also brought up there. I was the youngest and, believe me, I was spoiled by their affection and love. In the spiritual community I also happened to be very close, most intimate with the Ashram authorities, so there was no reason for the human in me to leave. But I received an inner command to come here and to serve the Supreme in your children. There are quite a few other Masters who have got the inner command to serve America and the rest of the world. Again, there are quite a few who have just come to exploit seekers and get wealth. The human in others may say, "Oh, he came to the West only to get name and fame and to glorify himself." But the divine in me, the divine in you and the divine in others will say, 'No he came to the West to be of service to the aspiring West."

As I said before, it is God's creation. Here, some of His children are hungry and thirsty and He has sent some of His children to quench their thirst and to satisfy their hunger.