I want to thank you for a wonderful afternoon. I couldn't believe all the effort you all put into it. It must have taken so much work. Those waiters were marvellous. And so were the girls making the food in the restaurant. The food was marvellous. The entire preparation was marvellous and the kids were so nice to us. I couldn't get over it. All of us felt this way.

The mothers were simply great. I loved them. We were extremely compatible. You completely understand each other; we completely understand each other. We start with one thing in common: bewilderment. But we soon saw that this is not a kookie organisation; none of the children is a kook. I have never met anyone in your organisation whom I didn't like. The parents feel that whatever this may be, it is something our children had to do.

I was flabbergasted because I didn't think the Guru, Sri Chinmoy, would dare to answer questions from us. He was facing an audience, most of whom didn't want to believe. Of course, he answered everything in his own way, but how could he answer things in our way? It is a matter of faith. Ask someone why he is a devout Catholic. Whatever he says it comes down to, "Because I believe." There is no way to dispute this kind of thing intellectually or emotionally.

The fact is that you were trying. Just that you had us there amazed us. You were saying that you weren't throwing us out of your lives. He made that quite clear. It was most successful and please do it again.

Mrs. J. S.