Question: I am not saying that they should go where they're not going to be happy. I agree with what you say. But most of them don't try to experiment by going on a trip for a certain length of time because they say they will not be able to maintain the same inspiration for a month or two months. How do they know they won't be happy seeing different parts of the world or going camping in a national park?

Sri Chinmoy: Please believe me, I have not dissuaded them from going anywhere. Most of my students go to school every day. When they come back from school after they have spent four or five hours there, they tell me that they become totally different personalities. I don't ask them, but they say that they are different now from their former friends and neighbours. Now their ideas are different, their goals are different. They can't tolerate their so-called former friends for more than a short time. So do you think they will be really happy when they go away for a length of time?

But again, I tell them that if they have to go somewhere, if their parents ask them to go, then they should definitely go. Mrs. Hein is here. Four years ago, when she and Mr. Hein wanted their children to go to Israel, did I have any objection? On the contrary, I told Arun — Richard — to go. So like that, if they have any spiritual place that they want to go to, I will be the first person to encourage them and inspire them.

But you may ask, "How do they know if they won't like the place or like the people?" You may feel that if they go out on a trip for a month, they will enjoy it. Now, you may be absolutely right and I may also see eye to eye with you. But if they don't want to have an experience, how am I going to force them? How am I going to tell them that they have to do something because this is what I feel best? As their parents, you may try to force them if you feel that something is best for them, but being a spiritual man, my policy is not to force or instigate. My policy is only to bring to the fore their good qualities. We shall try only to encourage someone to do the best thing. What someone feels from within is best, that he does. I will only tell him to go deep within and see if he feels that this is the thing that his soul wants. Then, I will try to bring to the fore the inner message, which unfortunately he does not know right now. These students of mine may agree with my statements, but on my part I will never impose my ideas on them. I will never say that this is good or this is bad. I will only help them to go deep within in order to discover for themselves what is right and what is wrong.