Question: How can one work for God?

Sri Chinmoy: Whenever we work, we can and should feel that we are working for God. Right now when you are working, you may not think of God, or you may not feel the reality of God. You see physical work as just work. But if you can see work as an opportunity to express your capacity, or to reveal your goodness, your divinity, then most certainly you are working for God at that time. By working, or serving, you have to feel that you are moving towards your goal.

If you are a labourer and are working with your hands, your mind can be inside God, your heart can be inside God, and you can consciously place your very action inside God. Otherwise, your action will be in somebody else — in somebody's appreciation or admiration or judgement — and you will be concerned with what he thinks about your work. But if you are working to please one person, the Inner Pilot within you, the Inner Pilot will naturally expect you to work perfectly. He will not tell you to cheat or deceive the person who has asked you to work, for the real employer of everybody is the Supreme.

Right now when we finish a difficult job, we are very pleased with ourselves. We say, "Ah, I've done it. It was such a hard job, but I did it." But there comes a time in the spiritual life when we feel that all the work we accomplish is actually being done through us by the Inner Pilot. We realise that we can do nothing by ourselves; we are mere instruments. It is God who does everything in and through us.

Until we have that kind of feeling, let us try to offer the fruits, the results of our actions to God. If success comes from our work, let us offer it at the Feet of God. And if failure comes, let us offer this also at the Feet of God. Both success and failure are experiences that God is having in and through us. If we do not have this attitude, then we shall only try for success by hook or by crook. And this success may lead us to a kind of confusion. Today's success may be transformed into tomorrow's frustration. But if we offer the results of each action of ours at the Feet of God instead of trying to claim them as our own, then we are free.