Question: How can we achieve peace in our outer life?

Sri Chinmoy: We can achieve peace in our outer life provided we do the first thing first. Early in the morning, before we enter into the hustle and bustle of life, if we meditate for ten or fifteen minutes, then peace will enter into us. If we bring forward our divine qualities of aspiration, dedication, love, devotion and surrender to the Will of God, they are bound to bring down peace from Above. These qualities are like divine friends, eternal friends within us; they are more than eager to be of service. If we invoke them early in the morning before we leave our house, then we will go outside with peace. But if we do not feel the conscious need for peace and do not invoke it, why should peace come to us? Unless and until we invoke it, peace will remain in its own world.

The power of peace is similar to the power of money. If we put money in our pocket early in the morning, we can buy things all day. Similarly, if we meditate early in the morning for peace, and peace descends, then when we enter into the mad, insane world, we are surcharged, inundated with peace which we can utilise all day. Peace itself is adamantine power. If we are powerful and strong, then the restlessness of the world cannot torture us. But if we are weak and lack inner peace, naturally we will be overwhelmed by the restlessness and undivine qualities of the world.