Question: How does a person surrender? What does a person do to achieve divine surrender?

Sri Chinmoy: We all know that a human being is expected to work on the physical plane. This kind of work is noticeable. On the mental plane and the psychic plane we also work, but this work is not so noticeable. Now, when we work on the physical plane, immediately we expect some result. This result takes the form of either success or failure. If we can offer the result of our work at the Feet of the Supreme, this is divine surrender. When we dive deep within, we see that we are not the doer. God Himself is the doer, as well as the action and the fruit thereof. When success comes, if we take it as an experience, and when failure comes, if we take it as another experience, then we will not be disturbed by failure and not allow pride to enter into our heart because of success. It is in our dedicated action and the surrender of our achievements to God's omniscient, omnipresent and all-loving Will that divine surrender lies.