Question: What is the power that brings down God's Presence in all our actions and allows us to feel our oneness with God?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two powers that bring down God into all our actions and multifarious activities. One power is our gratitude-power. Always we have to offer our gratitude to God for everything that we do, for everything that we have become. The other power is the power of seeing God in others. If we don't see God in others, if we only see God in ourselves, then we will not be successful. We have to see divinity inside everybody, even inside our worst enemy. As a matter of fact, a spiritual person should not have any enemies. But suppose we have not yet become totally spiritual and we still say we have an enemy. Now let us say our enemy is doubt, our enemy is fear, our enemy is anxiety, our enemy is bondage. Let us see inside our enemy the Presence of God. Let us go deep within and from there bring out our capacity of identification with God. Let us try to see also in our enemy God's Presence. God's Presence is everywhere. But if we deny His Presence inside a particular thing, then that thing will eventually attack.

Right now God's Presence is not sufficiently operating in the mind, whereas inside the heart it is operating most powerfully. So from where it is operating most powerfully we have to carry it elsewhere. Everyone and everything has a soul. Even a bench has a soul. If we can feel the presence of the soul inside the bench, then we will never feel that we are without God. Now we have to know whose soul is more developed: our soul or the soul of the bench. Since our soul is more developed, we can enter into the consciousness of the bench.

So there are two powers that can keep us always one, inseparably one with God's Reality. One is our constant offering of gratitude. We feel that if He had not given us the capacity of receptivity, then we could not have become what we are now. The other power is the power to see in others the things that we see inside ourselves. If we see and feel that we are God's instrument, then we have to feel that he and she are equally God's instruments. In this way we can feel that God is constantly operating in and through us. Then we remain in the same highest level of consciousness while participating in God's cosmic Game.

You are all most sincere seekers. Nothing gives me greater joy than to be of dedicated service to the sincere seekers. I came into the world to be of dedicated service to mankind. I am God's child and I am serving Him in my capacity. You are also God's children in the cosmic Play. According to his capacity each individual will serve God. My capacity is to be of dedicated service to the sincere seekers who need inspiration. From inspiration one can get aspiration, and aspiration is the harbinger of realisation in our inner life.