Question: Is there a character to be found in the Yoga tradition, such as Christ, who will arise at some time with the purpose of ridding mankind of suffering?

Sri Chinmoy: Let us not think of individuals. If you speak about Jesus, the carpenter's son, then you have to know that he stayed on earth for only thirty-three years. If you take the Christ Consciousness as divine Consciousness, infinite Consciousness, universal Consciousness, eternal Reality, then I wish to say that he is eternal, he is immortal, he is infinite, he is everything. But if you say that the Christ as a person came to save the world, then immediately I will say, "What about Sri Krishna? Didn't he also come? Didn't the Lord Buddha come? Didn't Sri Ramakrishna come?" These are all individual figures who revealed the divine Consciousness. If we deal with the eternal Consciousness in the Christ, then we can say that this same Consciousness is in Sri Krishna, is in all the spiritual giants.

A few hours ago, in Phoenix, someone asked me, "When will Jesus come back?" I said, "Somebody comes back only when he has left. Has the Christ left us that he has to come back?" The Christ has not left us, so how can he come back? The Christ-Consciousness is within us; it is for all humanity. In the physical if we want to see something, if we want to bind the physical reality, then we are totally lost. It is the spirit that is eternal, immortal. Christ-Consciousness is one, inseparably one with God-Consciousness. According to our limited capacity, we say "He has come, she has come to save us." We can say that the Christ was the best instrument or the most perfect instrument of God. We are also instruments of God, imperfect instruments, let us say. Each individual is an instrument of God. But the conscious and liberated souls, the most chosen instruments of God for mankind are the Christ, Sri Krishna, Lord Buddha and the other great spiritual figures.

Is anybody going to come? If you mean a human figure, then the answer is "no". Many have come, many have gone. But if you mean a divine figure, I will say that there is a divine figure already within us, within you, within me, within everybody.