Question: Can you take the senses as an object of meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly, you can take the senses as an object of meditation. If you want to concentrate on one of your eyes, you can easily do it. But instead of concentrating on these physical eyes, if you can concentrate on your third eye, between and a little above your eyebrows, naturally you will one day be able to open up your third eye. This will give you the capacity to see the past, present and future. Furthermore, when the third eye is open, the mistakes, shortcomings, imperfections and limitations of millennia can be rectified and all obscurities in your life can be destroyed. If you concentrate properly on your third eye, you will get this result.

If you want to meditate only on the physical senses, you are welcome to do so, but you have to know that if you concentrate or meditate on something more significant, you are bound to get better results. If you meditate on a pencil or carrot or a cucumber, God is also there. But if you meditate on the sun early in the morning, or if you meditate on the vast sky, you will receive some of their power and vastness. If you meditate on a picture of your spiritual Master, immediately you will feel his oneness with God, his divine consciousness and his liberation, which you are striving for.

You have to know what is worthy of your meditation and concentration. If you concentrate on one finger, you will get a limited amount of will-power. If you concentrate on a flower, you will get abundant purity, and this purity is of the greatest necessity in the spiritual life. But if you concentrate on something supremely spiritual, then you will get more satisfaction, more attainment and more fulfilment. If you want to meditate on the senses, you can certainly do so, but this will not help you very much in your spiritual life. There are other things to meditate on which will offer your more satisfactory and abiding truth.