Question: Would you speak about music, God and meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: I have written a book called God the Supreme Musician which I would like to send to you so that you can read it. In that book I have spoken at length about my views on God and music. God and music are inseparable. If you say that each musician is not God, I may agree with you, but if you say that soulful music is not God, then I will totally disagree with you. You may say that each individual is not God because you see many imperfections and undivine things in his life. You find it difficult to call him God, or to feel that he is God. But if you say that his creation — soulful music — is not representing God, then I totally disagree with you.

The earthly creator we misunderstand because of his shortcomings. But he is bringing down his creation from another world, especially if he is a musician. He brings down reality from a higher world on the strength of his intense aspiration, and for half an hour or an hour he remains high, very high. The music he writes or plays at that time comes from that high realm. But after half an hour or an hour he may enter into his ordinary consciousness again. That is why people appreciate a musician while they listen to his music and later look down upon him for his human failings. Everything he has brought down from the very high worlds to illumine and fulfil the earth consciousness is undoubtedly the representative and the reality of the life-breath of God coming down from the higher worlds. This is why I say that music is God, even though a musician may not always be God-like.