Part V — Questions and answers: University Of Delaware

Question: What is the difference between the inner teacher and the outer teacher?

Sri Chinmoy: The ordinary teacher, the outer teacher, very often imposes certain ideas on the students. Although this is the land of freedom, there are some preconceived ideas which teachers unfortunately thrust upon the minds of students. But the inner teacher will not impose anything; he will not thrust any ideas on his disciples. On the contrary, he will consciously and devotedly try to bring forward the seeker's own inner wisdom. The spiritual Master knows perfectly well that he is not the ultimate Truth. He is not the Guru. The only real Guru is the Supreme. The Master will tell the disciple that the disciple has everything. "You have the treasure, you have the box and you have the key. But unfortunately you have not used the key for a long time and you have misplaced it. You cannot get to your inner wealth. I have come here to show you where you have put the key and I will help you open the box. Then, once you get the treasure, it all belongs to you. Then my role is over."