Question: I am having telepathic experiences with people who call themselves magicians. I talk with them while they are in other places. I can enter this realm at will. I'm curious about how you would respond to these experiences?

Sri Chinmoy: From the highest spiritual point of view I wish to answer your question. Will these experiences help you go faster towards your goal? No, they will not. These experiences are fascinating, undoubtedly, but they will never take you to reality. On the contrary, they are temptations on your way to God-realisation, the highest Truth. In our spiritual life very often we get fascinating experiences and then we don't want to aspire anymore. It is true that experiences can give us encouragement, but very often when we get too many experiences we enter into the vital world. We see a kaleidoscope; we see all kinds of beautiful things, but these things are only temptations. Suppose you are walking along a street towards your goal. If you see beautiful trees, ponds and flowers alongside the street, what happens? The scenery is so beautiful that you take a rest. You say, "Let me stay here and enjoy this," and then you stop and enjoy it. But your destination remains a far cry.

A sincere seeker knows what his goal is: the highest Truth. He will not delay his journey. But in your case I can see that you enjoy these experiences; you give them your conscious attention. This is very wrong. In the spiritual life we aspire for the highest Truth, for God, and for nothing else. These experiences are real temptations for you. You should feel, "Once I realise God I will have infinitely more beautiful, meaningful and fruitful experiences." With that idea you have to cast these telepathic experiences aside. If you feel that by entering into these experiences or allowing them to enter into you, by cherishing them, you will get higher experiences, you are mistaken. You will not go any farther. If you dwell on them all the time, if you are constantly fascinated by them and feel that you are part of them, you will be caught by them. Many people have made this mistake, and for them God-realisation has remained a far cry.

Sincere seekers take these experiences as obstructions on their way. Please pay no attention to these kinds of experiences. They are fascinating, but they are not fulfilling in your life of dedication, realisation and manifestation. Early in the morning try to silence your mind. If you can silence your mind, you will not have these experiences. They are coming to you from the vital world. You are cherishing these creations of the vital world and trying to possess them as your very own. But they cannot take you to the highest Goal. If your aim is the Highest, then these things have to be consciously discarded. I wish you to go to someone who will inspire you to enter into the realm of pure aspiration. Then you will be able to bring to the fore your soul's light and run the fastest towards the highest Goal,