Question: You spoke about the mind during your talk. How does one go about transforming the mind?

Sri Chinmoy: Let us take the mind as a room and let us take the heart as another room. You have two rooms. Right now you are living in the mind room, which is unlit and obscure. The other room, your heart, is fully illumined, because it has free access to the soul, which is all illumination. The heart room, too, you can claim as your very own, only you do not stay there. But if you can live for a few weeks or a few months or a few years in the illumined room, then easily you will be able to transform the unillumined room when you return there. Stay in the heart room for however long it takes you to get abundant light. The other room will not go away; the other room will wait for you to give it illumination. When you feel that you have attained illumination in your heart room, then come to your mind room and flood it with your heart's light. But if you stay with the mind room all the time with the hope of illumining it from within, you will waste your time. If I want to light a candle, I must use a flame that is already burning, already illumined. The heart room, fortunately, is already illumined. So if you go there, you can become fully inundated with light, and with that light you can illumine your mind.