Question: How often should we fast in order to help our spiritual life?

Sri Chinmoy: Fasting does not necessarily help us to make spiritual progress. A snake eats only twice a year or so, but the consciousness of a snake is not better than my consciousness or your consciousness, even though we eat every day. But if you want to fast once a month for a full day, or if you want to eat only breakfast and no lunch or dinner on a particular day, it helps in purification. Fasting does help to purify our nature, without doubt. It brings to the fore the subtle purity inside our nature. But everything has a limit. If you go to extremes it will tell upon your health. Once a month is fine. Once a week is all right if you are strong and healthy, and if you feel that it helps you. But if you want to fast every other day, that will absolutely ruin your subtle nerves. Once a week strong people can try, but once a month is enough.