Question: How do we go about silencing the mind?

Sri Chinmoy: There are two ways. One way is to fight it out. The mind is like a monkey. If you are attacked by a monkey, which constantly bites and pinches you, you have to threaten the monkey. Then, each time it comes, if you strike it vehemently, eventually the monkey will feel that it is hopeless to try to bother you. You must always remain as vigilant as possible. When an undivine thought enters into your mind, immediately you will chase it away. If you are constantly vigilant, eventually these thoughts will give up and no longer come to disturb you.

Try to feel that you are standing at your heart's door, and it is up to you to allow anybody in. If you bolt the door from the inside and don't allow anybody in, then how can thoughts come? But what actually happens is that we sometimes cherish our thoughts, not consciously but unconsciously. Then it becomes very difficult for us to terminate the thoughts when we wish to.

The other way to silence the mind is to invoke Peace from Above. No matter how many thoughts enter into your mind, pay no attention to them. Let them come and attack you, for when you invoke Peace from Above, you are like a solid wall that they cannot penetrate. At that time, no thought will dare to strike you.