Question: What is your path?

Sri Chinmoy: I walk along the road of love, devotion and surrender. First, I offer my love to God, then I offer my devotion to God and finally I offer my surrender to God. When I offer my love to God I feel that He is the only one whose love I need in order to make progress. When I love Him, I discover that He is none other than my own self, my higher existence, my most illumined existence. Normally, when we love someone, it is a different individuality and personality that we love. But when we love God, we feel that He is our own highest, most illumined Reality.

Since God is our highest and most illumined Reality, it is easy to devote our existence to Him. When we offer our devotion to Him, we feel that He is the only person who can take us to our highest Height.

As an individual, I know how weak, how ignorant, how imperfect I am. I am like a tiny drop. But my aspiration is to become vast, infinite, eternal and immortal. So when I — the tiny drop — enter consciously into the ocean of consciousness, I do not lose my individuality or personality. On the contrary, I claim the infinite expanse as my very own and I grow into that infinite expanse of Peace, Light and Bliss. Here my surrender does not take away anything of my existence or reality. On the contrary, when I surrender my limited consciousness, my finite consciousness, to the Highest, I feel that I enter into my real Reality, which is your Reality and everybody's Reality as well.