Question: Can you suggest a method of meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: Everybody has a soul. Your soul may try to express its divinity through Light; somebody else's will express itself through Power. Although each soul has infinite Peace, Light and Bliss, in each incarnation it will express itself in different ways. So each individual has to pray and meditate in his own way. To discover the best way of meditation, go deep within; or, if you have a Master, he will teach you inwardly or outwardly.

There is no common rule that everybody will meditate in a certain way. There are certain things that everybody can benefit by doing, but everybody has his own way of discovering and experiencing the Truth. The Goal is the same, but there are different roads. So everybody cannot do the same type of meditation. There is one type of meditation which will not interfere with anybody's inner path, and that is to silence the mind and open the heart. But again, everybody will have his own way of doing this. If you can silence the mind and open the heart, then you will feel the presence of your heart's eternal Guest, the Supreme.