Question: I have a Master in India who told me to meditate on my navel chakra. But I'm not exactly sure how to do this. Could you comment on his advice?

Sri Chinmoy: You are in a boat that belongs to somebody. So your Master would be the right person to help you and guide you. If you are following a path, I feel I should not interfere. Your own Master knows infinitely better than I do what is right for you. I can only advise my own students and those who are not following any specific path. When the students of others come to me, I try to encourage them and inspire them to be absolutely faithful to their own Masters. You are asking about your Master's instructions. He who has given you the instructions should also be able to give you the capacity to understand his message. I am the wrong person to advise you in this matter. I know what is in my room and if somebody asks me, I can tell him. But if somebody asks me about somebody else's room, I will be totally ignorant. So I am very glad that you have a Master, and I wish to say that he is absolutely the only person to tell you how to follow his instructions.