Question: What is the purpose of reincarnation?

Sri Chinmoy: Let us take a new incarnation as tomorrow's reality. Today we exist; we know today is a reality to us. But when tomorrow dawns we see that there is a new life. Reincarnation means new life. Life for me is today, but when tomorrow dawns the consciousness that I enter into tomorrow will be a new life. Now, why do we need tomorrow? We need tomorrow because we have not accomplished everything that we wanted to accomplish today. Let us take each incarnation as another today. We come into the world for satisfaction. While we follow the path of desire we find that we are never satisfied. Each time we fulfil one desire, more desires take its place. There is no end to our desires. So we come back to earth again and again to fulfil our endless desires. But when we enter into the path of aspiration we do get satisfaction. If we get an iota of Peace, Light and Bliss we are satisfied to some extent. But still we feel the need, the inner urge, for more Light, infinite Light, so we come back until we realise the Highest. Then, after realisation, God wants us to reveal and manifest the Highest. In this way we fulfil God and God fulfils Himself in and through us.