Part IV — Questions and answers: Tulane University

Question: Why are some people receptive to God's Light and others not?

Sri Chinmoy: A farmer sows thousands of seeds, but perhaps only a few hundred of the seeds ever germinate. He offers equal concern while he is throwing the seeds, but the seed itself must have some power of receptivity. God is giving what He has: His Light. But each individual has to feel the necessity of receiving it. One person is hungry and somebody else is not hungry. One person is fast asleep when God's Hour dawns; somebody else jumps up and runs. It is the same Hour, the same opportunity. But when the Hour strikes, if somebody is still fast asleep, what can he accomplish? Because he is not receptive, he does not get up; but the other one immediately gets up and runs towards the goal.

Opportunity comes for everyone. The hour strikes at the same time, and all have been given limited freedom. But one wants to utilise freedom by accepting the Light, the other wants to utilise freedom by not accepting Light at all. With my freedom of choice, my free will, I can accept the Light. But if I choose to remain in the vital, then I can show my individuality and not accept the Light. Showing one's individuality expresses one kind of freedom. That is one kind of capacity. But showing one's universality, becoming one with God's Will, is also a capacity, and a much greater capacity. If someone wants to utilise his freedom in that way, naturally he will receive God's infinite Light.