Part V — Questions and answers: Mississippi Gulf Coast Junior College

Question: What do you feel about astrology?

Sri Chinmoy: I feel it has helped and will continue to help mankind greatly. But astrology is not the highest Truth. Astrology is not the Highest; God is the Highest. If a seeker reaches the Highest and prays to God to change his fate, God can easily do it. So astrology is not the Absolute Truth; the Absolute Truth is God.

But astrology does have some truth. So it is up to the individual whether to be satisfied with astrology or with God. If the seeker finds it difficult to go to the Absolute all at once, naturally he can go step by step. If he has faith, tremendous faith, in astrology, then naturally he will benefit from greater understanding of it. But one's fate can be changed by an unchanging Will, by the Divine Will, by the Omnipotent Will. And that Will is within us. If we can have a free access to that Will, then we can go far beyond the domain of astrology.