A supremely precious soul20

Sri Chinmoy, after composing a song dedicated to his disciple Bhavani, who had just departed this world:

She is my England-manifestation.

With our heart’s infinite love and infinite gratitude, we are invoking our beloved, divinely beloved, supremely beloved Bhavani’s soul. Let us chant her name with our heart’s infinite love and infinite gratitude.

A supremely precious soul, supremely precious soul, supremely precious soul. A supremely precious child in the Heart of our Absolute Lord Beloved Supreme. She will now be able to serve our mission infinitely more than she did here on earth. She is in another room, where she can see us and we can feel her. With our human eyes we cannot see her, but with our heart we can feel her living presence in our living presence.

Please join me in singing Phire chalo — “The soul has returned to its celestial abode, where Infinity’s Delight it is enjoying.” Then we shall sing He partha sarathi.

Everyone was crying for Bhavani. Bhavani’s soul came and looked at her Master and said, “What is this? What is all this?”

She was laughing and smiling! Her laughing was more powerful than her smiling. She could not understand why we were crying for her. She is so happy. This kind of happiness you enjoy once you enter into the soul and become the soul-consciousness. Here we were reciting and chanting her name, and she was laughing and laughing! She said,

“What is this? What is this?”

Again, on the human level, it is such a loss, a loss, a loss! Her last contributions to our mission were in the British Parliament and in Cambridge.

Now we must continue — we must never give up, never give up, never give up!

FSC 20. 26 December 2000, Sedona Hotel, Mandalay, Myanmar