Fanning the Master26

Sri Chinmoy commented about his disciples’ performance of a play in which a devotee was fanning the Master.

Sri Aurobindo would walk to and fro in his room, about six or seven metres, perhaps, in the Pondicherry heat. One disciple stood at each end. When he would come to one side, he would be fanned by one disciple. Then he would go to the other side, and again he would be fanned by the other disciple.

Alas, one disciple who was new to this job became so nervous. His nervousness did him the worst possible disservice. When Sri Aurobindo came near him, his nervousness ran riot. While fanning, he touched Sri Aurobindo’s left shoulder. Then he was frightened to death. Sri Aurobindo gave him a little smile, but the Mother was watching. The Mother did not say anything, but the following day he lost that job. And this gentleman was Sri Aurobindo’s literary secretary, Nirod. He is still alive — he is ninety-six years old. He comes from Chittagong. I could tell many stories about him with regard to my life.

In my play, when the disciple was fanning her Master, I was anticipating that by mistake she would strike her Master’s shoulder or head. She did neither!

FSC 27. 26 December 2001, Inter-Continental Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia