If the Mother does not know, I do not know31

Somebody asked the Mother a question based on Indian philosophy. The Mother was not well acquainted with Indian philosophy. She said, “I cannot answer this question. Nolini has to answer it.”

Nolini said to the man who asked the question, “How do you expect me to answer? If the Mother does not know something, how am I supposed to know? I do not know anything about it. Whatever I know has come from the Mother. I do not know the answer to this question.”

Nolini was the supreme authority on Indian philosophy, but he said, “I do not know.” If the Mother had asked other Sri Aurobindo Ashram “philosophers,” God knows how many hours they would have taken to expound their philosophy! But Nolini was not of that type. He said, “If the Mother does not know, I do not know.”

FSC 31. 27 December 2001, Inter-Continental Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia