The only gap between a human being and the Divine33

It was said that the Mother never, never scolded Nolini for anything. But poor Amrita, the General Manager — God alone knows how many millions of times he was scolded! He was so nice, so affectionate, so devoted.

Nolini carried only very, very important messages about the world situation to the Mother. Amrita carried all the Ashram news. Once he said that the Mother was very displeased with a message he had given her about an engineer. She had a book in her hand and she threw it right at Amrita.

Amrita asked, “What have I done?”

The Mother said, “True, but where is that culprit? I do not see him here!”

There was such affection between Mother and son!

The Mother used to hold French classes for selected elderly people. She would answer their questions. One day Amrita was late. He stood at the door, and the Mother said, “On one condition you will be allowed to come inside. Tell me how far a human being is from the Divine.”

Amrita said, “How far?” Then he came as close to the Mother as possible, a few inches from her. He said, “I am answering you: this is the only gap between a human being and the Divine.”

At first Amrita was four or five metres away, but then he came right in front of the Mother and gave his answer.

Everybody laughed, and the Mother allowed Amrita to sit down.

FSC 33. 27 December 2001, Inter-Continental Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia