The kind Prime Minister37

In Cambodia, the Prime Minister was so kind to us. How much honour he bestowed upon me! An election took place there. Out of seventy-six votes, his party got seventy votes. His foreign adviser is very close to me. He came to see me four or five times. He is the one who gave me the message about the election.

At their Independence Day function they gave me the first seat among the dignitaries. The President, the Prime Minister and I released three peace doves together. Only for me they wrote, “Honourable Sri Chinmoy.” Our Indian Ambassador to Cambodia came again and again to chat with me, just because I got this honour. His seat was not near me, but four or five times he came to chat, and he begged me to come to his place.

God is so kind to us! There are good people, and they are nice to us. Out of seventy-six votes, the Prime Minister’s party got seventy votes. How happy the Prime Minister’s party was! Perhaps people feel that we bring them good luck.

FSC 37. 1 February 2002, Orchid Garden Hotel, Brunei