Golf equipment39

At our next hotel in Sabah, some buildings are four hundred or five hundred metres apart. Savyasachi of course will drive me for long distances, but to go from one place to another at the hotel, Saraswati has got a golf cart for me. Again, when I go out three times a day for an hour to meditate, Savyasachi will take me.

Many years ago, Narada gave me golf equipment. I will not be able to play golf in this lifetime, but at least I can be satisfied with a golf cart! I enjoy the golfers when I watch them on television. How they go on and on! Many, many years ago in Puerto Rico, I saw a golf course. The carts are very cute. I think President Bush gave a ride to President Gorbachev many years ago on a golf cart.

FSC 39. 1 February 2002, Orchid Garden Hotel, Brunei