No operation43

Yesterday I got a message about the health of a German disciple’s mother. The mother is also a disciple. I told the girl, “I do not want your mother to be operated on.”

This morning I spoke to Minati. Minati got the message from the doctors that they want to operate. They say that only then will they know if the tumour is malignant or not. I said, “I do not want her to have an operation.”

The mother was happy that categorically I had said, “No, I do not want her to be operated on.”

Again the doctors said, “There is no other way. If we do not operate, we will not be able to know whether it is malignant.”

I said to the disciple, “Is science not developed enough for them to know if the tumour is malignant or not without operating?”

This disciple is very devoted. There will be no operation, no operation.

Lotika’s mother had cancer. The doctors gave her two or three weeks to live. One of our strongest supporters holds a very high post in a hospital. It is very difficult for ordinary people to be admitted to that hospital, but Lotika’s mother was able to go there. This doctor was so kind. Her husband passed away a few months ago, and she herself had been cured of a most serious cancer. She had such faith, such faith in me.

Again, the doctors gave Lotika’s mother a very limited time. But Lotika has such faith in me, and her mother also has tremendous faith. Instead of dying in three weeks, Lotika’s mother is now almost cured.

I came to learn that Lotika’s mother would soon be going back home from the hospital. Lotika had a mobile phone, and I had to speak to her about another matter. She told me that she was at that time in the hospital. I said, “I would like to speak to your mother.”

Lotika’s mother’s sister was in the hospital room with her mother. Lotika’s mother speaks practically no English. She took the phone, and I was speaking to her in English. She only said, “Spasibo!” — “Thank you!” She went on with that one word. She had one word, and I had so many words!

Then, after our conversation was over, I got the message from Lotika that her mother was crying and crying. Her aunt thought that she was being cured and she was on the fair road to recovery. Why was she crying? She was crying out of sheer joy and gratitude, and she was screaming, “I spoke to God, I spoke to God, I spoke to God!”

Sometimes, when I am absolutely sure, I deliberately take responsibility for something very serious. Again, sometimes I say, “Listen to the doctor. God is inside the doctor.”

Definitely God is inside the doctors, but the difficulty is that the doctors have not yet cured my knee. Nowadays one of my disciple-doctors gives me homeopathic medicine, but it does not cure me. When it comes to my knee, nothing is of help. But I send quite a few people to doctors when it is not within my capacity to be of service, or I am not able to take responsibility. Again, we work together. Whatever help I can give, I will give; and the rest, the doctors will do.

FSC 42. 1 February 2002, Orchid Garden Hotel, Brunei