We see only transcendence!54

Today we observed the birthday of one of my guards, and I have done little drawings of birds. A disciple gave me notebooks, and I was inspired because the covers say “peace.”

For the birthday celebration we went to an Indian restaurant. God alone knows when I have tasted that kind of most delicious, most delicious food! They gave the food on banana leaves, and “banana leaf” is also part of the name of the restaurant — Jyoti Banana Leaf. The spelling of Jyoti is not like our spelling. The owner is from Malaysia. Saraswati begged him to ask his wife to come out so that we could appreciate her. His wife was cooking. He would say, “Yes, yes, I am bringing her,” but she did not appear. Our disciples said that the wife is very beautiful and very shy.

It was unimaginable! We paid a little more than a dollar for five kinds of things: rice plus four or five kinds of vegetables and dal. Everything was super-super-excellent. We also had lassi, and they gave Indian sweets, including halvah. It was a small place. I took the tennis court guards, and another ten or fifteen people could have been accommodated.

Wherever we go, we see only transcendence! In Kuala Lumpur I said the food was excellent, excellent. We went to Tandoori, Ali Baba and other restaurants. But if you go to this place, you will never forget it. You will get an unforgettable experience the day you go. You will have nice food, and the people are very nice. In the Indian tradition they put on the banana leaf rice, dal and other things. I am supposed to be an authority on Indian food because of my Indian incarnation, but if my disciples also enjoy it, then I will be very, very happy.

The wife was cooking all the time. She is the main cook. There is no comparison between her food and other food. Again, transcendence, transcendence! Here the food was far, far better than the food that we tasted in other countries.

The owner was very, very nice. His great-grandfather came from India to Malaysia. His name is Shiva.

Please have a glance at these birds — flying birds, inspiring birds.

FSC 53. 4 February 2002, Nexus Resort, Karambunai, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia