Amusement and enlightenment6

Now I have a driver’s licence. Before that, I had only a permit. Then I had a temporary licence. Now I have the real driver’s licence.

A new book has come out: Part 2 of Amusement I Enjoy; Enlightenment I Study. These are amusing stories and enlightening stories. My driving stories also will give both amusement and enlightenment.

This time all glory goes to Maral for my driver’s licence. It was his car that enabled me to pass the examination. Others also helped considerably. Pulak’s car a few times I have also used.

Today I received a letter from our first Virendra, the boy who originally taught me to drive. He has heard from Hiyamallar in California that I have got a licence again. A most devoted letter he has written to me.

I have learnt so many things from Pulak, only I do not want to practise them. But he is so kind and compassionate. Always, always he is willing to serve me. In the finite he teaches me the message of the Infinite. If I request him to do something, he does it.

Yesterday Pulak was driving me to Madal Bal Bakery. When we came to Union Turnpike, instead of taking the right lane, because we would be making a right turn, he very nicely took the left lane. I asked him, “Pulak, what are you doing?”

He said, “Guru, do you see something?”

I said, “What? Why are you taking the left lane?”

Pulak said, “Guru, did you see how devotedly she bowed to you?” Then he showed me that a disciple driving in the right lane had stopped, and very devotedly, two or three times she bowed to me with folded hands. She received my blessings. She was in the right lane, and she was about to make a right turn. Pulak was in the left lane, and he was also about to make a right turn. If Pulak had been behind her, she would not have seen us. So it was destined that I would get most devoted pranams from this disciple and she would receive my blessings.

In this way, Pulak’s driving mistake was a blessing. Every time he drives me, I learn something!

FSC 6. 5 November 1997, P.S. 86, Jamaica, New York