My prophecy!1

Please remember my fervent request. Next year I really, really want to have a new record with the number of our marathon runners! Many people who did not run the New York City Marathon this year have promised that they will run next year.

My prophecy! Once I said that some day some runners would run the marathon in under two hours. A divine force spoke through me. Alas, something always reminds me inwardly. Again, while facing the Berlin Wall, I prophesied that in twenty-five years the Wall would be demolished and there would be one Berlin. In just two years, President Gorbachev fulfilled my desire! With regard to the marathon, God knows when it will happen; but still I maintain the same desire and the same promise that one day somebody will come, perhaps from Africa, to do it. It is not an impossible task.

One mile in under four minutes was a dream, and Roger Bannister manifested the dream. Now, how many people have run a mile in under four minutes? Someone has run in 3:44. When Roger Bannister ran in just under four minutes, the whole world adored him. Now someone has run two miles in under eight minutes. It is unimaginable! Like that we can do many things.

How I wish some of our disciples could run the marathon under 2:15! There is a Russian disciple who is an excellent runner. I do hope he can run under 2:15 one day.

  1. FSC 9. 5 November 1997, P.S. 86, Jamaica, New York