Sri Chinmoy: (presenting one of his records to Don Pablo): You are the Mt. Everest in your musical ability and I am the anthill in music. The anthill is offering its musical ability to the Mt. Everest.

Mrs. Casals: This is played on what instrument?

Sri Chinmoy: The harmonium. It is like a miniature piano.

Mrs. Casals (to Don Pablo in Catalan): These are his compositions. He has dedicated one of them to the Divine Mother.

Don Pablo: You had a wonderful mother, I am sure. I, too, had a wonderful, wonderful mother.

Sri Chinmoy (noticing a portrait of a young woman): That is a picture of your mother?

Don Pablo: Yes, my Ma is everything to me, everything. We were poor, but from my childhood she had such a wonderful power to give me everything. My mother knew everything.

Sri Chinmoy: How old was she when they took this picture?

Don Pablo: Oh, she was young. She was thirty or thirty-two.

Sri Chinmoy: And in this other picture?

Don Pablo: She was nearly seventy. She lived to be seventy-four. I feel my mother always with me, on every occasion. I feel her with me all the time.

Sri Chinmoy: I am so happy. The mother helps the child to manifest his inner divinity, his inner realisation. She receives for Mother-Earth and she manifests what her child has within. You are representing Heaven, Heaven-consciousness, through your music. Mother-Earth's consciousness holds the Light of Heaven and then it helps the Light to manifest here on earth.

Don Pablo: Thank you, thank you. I would like to have a copy of what you have said. And I would like you to explain "realisation" to me.