Sri Chinmoy: May I pray and meditate with you for a few minutes?

Leonard Bernstein: That is wonderful; it is exactly what I would like.

Sri Chinmoy: A tiny drop of a musician has come to the ocean of the music-world. Please feel that the drop is most eagerly waiting to enter and merge into the ocean itself. You are the Himalayan musician and the supreme lover of music. I have read so much about you. I have heard so much about you. More than that, since I am a seeker I can also feel your heart. In the Almighty we are all one; we are sailing in the same boat. That is why I can easily identify myself with your heart and soul. You are not someone unknown to me; you are more than known.

Leonard Bernstein: How should I address you?

Sri Chinmoy: In any way you wish. You are the master-musician; I am the beginner.

Leonard Bernstein: I am so moved.

Sri Chinmoy: In the capacity of two seekers we are serving the Supreme; we are sailing in the same boat. I must not dare to say a word to you about music, which is the universal language. Now we are praying and meditating. It is through our prayer and meditation that we please our Beloved Supreme. You are the ocean of music, and inside your music-world the world of aspiration and dedication is constantly growing. (Sri Chinmoy and Leonard Bernstein meditate together.)

(Sri Chinmoy's comment: He was so deeply moved; he could not speak for a couple of minutes. Afterwards he grabbed my hands.)

Leonard Bernstein: I have not done that in so long. I was taught transcendental meditation about four years ago. I did it as strictly as I could for seven weeks. But I could not continue it, so I lost it. Every once in a while I would come back to it. My mantra was always with me. But I have not done it for a very long time, and you brought that back.