Eternity's singing bird

Sri Chinmoy: This is what I feel about you. You are Eternity's singing bird. This is the song I composed a few days ago about you.

Leonard Bernstein: You have music to this?

Sri Chinmoy: I have music also. My students would be so grateful if they could sing this for you.

Leonard Bernstein: You play instruments also. You play forty-six instruments or something.

Sri Chinmoy: Jack of all trades, master of none, none, none! So, this particular song, if you could kindly allow my students to sing for you…

Leonard Bernstein: Of course! How many are there? How many students did you bring?

Sri Chinmoy: You have to forgive me, I think there are seventeen or eighteen. One of my students has come from France. He is the conductor. He is the greatest admirer of yours. His name is Olivier Greif. I have given him the name Haridas.

Leonard Bernstein: He is the boy I know from Tanglewood. He studied with me last time. He is young.

Sri Chinmoy: He is a young man, a very young conductor. And he has been shining in France of late. So this is the song. First they will sing the melody which I have composed, and then they will sing in rounds.

Leonard Bernstein: An arrangement?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, they have made an arrangement. Only the melody is mine.

Leonard Bernstein: How wonderful! Where are they? Please let them come up.