On 3 February 1992, Maestro Yehudi Menuhin warmly welcomed Sri Chinmoy and some of his students into his suite at the Rihga Hotel in New York City. During the hour-long meeting, they discussed music and spirituality, and Sri Chinmoy and his students performed several songs by Sri Chinmoy in the Maestro's honour. Following is a transcript of that meeting.

Mr. Menuhin: This is the greatest good fortune, because I have been wanting to meet you for a good many years. Once when I was going out to some college on Long Island, one of those people whom you've inspired tried to arrange something, but unfortunately it didn't happen. Then again last night at my concert, he turned up. Is he here?

Singer: Yes.

Mr. Menuhin: He's the one! He turned up, and I said, "Well, all right, I will be here tomorrow."

Sri Chinmoy: Never give up! For the last 15 years I have been most devotedly longing to meet with you, and now God has fulfilled my long-cherished desire.

Mr. Menuhin: I'm always afraid that people who have looked forward to meeting me will be very disappointed. They've looked forward too long, and here I am — just a very, very ordinary human being.

Sri Chinmoy: No, no! At God's choice Hour everything takes place. This is God's choice Hour for us to meet.

Mr. Menuhin: Yes, I suppose there is a certain destiny, a certain fatality about events. Some of the events are beyond our control, aren't they? Some people don't believe in accidents at all. I don't really know. There must be some sort of reckoning that doesn't necessarily depend on a universal computer. It depends on what our thinking and our feeling generate in the whole world.