God in nature

Sri Chinmoy: I have been coming to Puerto Rico for the last six years, and for the past four years I have been longing to see you. At last the day has dawned for us to see each other and offer our deepest love. In your case you are offering love — both of us are offering our deepest love — but in my case it is love plus admiration for what you have done for humanity. Is it clear?

Don Pablo: Yes.

Sri Chinmoy: I hope it is clear: my deepest admiration for what you have done and what you are doing for humanity through your music. You are lifting the veil of ignorance. Only music can please God more than anything else because God Himself is the Supreme Musician. Each player — each instrument — in God's Cosmic Game is unique, and God is playing a different note on each instrument. So each child is a unique manifestation of God.

Don Pablo: I am very old — not that I feel that I am dying — to feel old is natural, very natural. But in the morning I go to the piano and I play every day of my life two preludes and a fugue of Bach. Then my wife prepares my coffee and immediately I go to my cello and I do exactly the same exercise as when I was eighteen — every day, absolutely every day. I could feel that I am dying, but I do this.

I see God in the melody of Nature. Sometimes I see a flower, just a bud ready to bloom, and I call Martita, "Come with me! See, can you see God?" I am with Nature constantly. That is why I am so happy, so happy. I enjoy everything, everything that Nature does. I see that this is God.

Sri Chinmoy: Nature itself is the manifestation of God, so you are seeing God in Nature.

Don Pablo: This is why I say God is Nature or Nature is God. You see? It is a wonderful work of art. The spirit of the art is wonderful. I feel that I am myself because I have never taken music lightly.

Sri Chinmoy: You take music as prayer, constant inner prayer to bring down the highest Light from Above. It is not that, as ordinary people do, you take music as a vocation. In your case music has been your prayer, your meditation, your oneness with Nature, with God. Earth is God's manifestation.

Don Pablo: Music is a manifestation of God like everything else.