Only one God

Mr Masur: That’s a wonderful picture. Do you have another God in mind than I do?

Sri Chinmoy: No, there is only one God. You may call Him by a different name. I do not know German; that is why I do not know what you call Him. And perhaps you do not know my mother tongue, Bengali. But we each refer to the same Person, the same Reality, the same Divinity.

Mr Masur: I am wondering how many priests in the Christian religion really believe in one God? That’s a problem.

Sri Chinmoy: We feel sorry for those who do not believe in one God. Right in front of us is the life-tree with many, many branches, flowers, fruits and leaves. If some people do not want to say that these leaves belong to a particular tree, what can you do? But we are wise people. As soon as we see a leaf, we say that this leaf belongs to a tree; it has a source.

If others find it difficult to go to the source, let them at least appreciate the creations of the source. If they cannot believe in the vast ocean, let them believe in a small swimming pool. Gradually they will learn that the swimming pool has its source, which is the ocean. We are very fortunate that God has blessed us with a direct approach to His vastness, to Infinity.

Mr Masur: What I really would like is to stay in touch with you all the time I am here in New York. It’s wonderful to talk.

Sri Chinmoy: Thank you. Now could the singers please sing a few more songs?

Mr Masur: Of course.

Sri Chinmoy: These are your soulful utterances that I have set to music.

[Singers perform the songs to Mr Masur’s words.]